Make’s me treasure.


Friday was kind allright .
The only thing that perks me up is that i can go home at 3 .

Jay thinks he is qiu kui (from hot shot).

The best .
We even put this picture on GOd’s wallpaper.


ohhss .

1 low 2 low 3 low .



Saturday .
Was IPOD .
Inter primers Olympics day .
A joint event with SP and NYP although most were from SP and NP .

I think we really did our best we could already .
So *claps hands * .
Our team won 2nd placing and we still got a medal sia
woahs .
Despite some of the misunderstandings that happened between the 2 schools , I had a great time.

This morning i woke up with totally no voice .
And it completely sucks.
I can’t talk , sing my favorite songs .
I can’t pick up a phone call , i could only text.
Been drinking lots of warm water . And now it’s so much better .

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