Sore throat .

Hi people .

There was traffic jam just now on our way to school.
Normally it only takes 30 -40 mins to school. But today we took 1 hour plus to reach lor.
Damn irritating . Attended Class super late .

Canteen was fully packed during lunch period .
So we packed out food back to class .
And i watched my MFBBT and hotshot.
Like super nice lor.

After school , wanted to go home.
Saw alex and bryant .
They asked us to go town with them.
So we just go lo .
Went for dinner at Carls Jr & movie .

sorry arh alex that i chop half of your face out 😛

no wonder people with longer hands ca take better pictures.

Evil-free 😀

Watched house bunny.
If you’ve noticed , I’ve watched house bunny for like 3 times already. Like waste money lor But the movie is damn funny . I still find it very funny.
It was my 3rd time , bryant/phoebe’s 2nd time and alex First time .
So it was kinda of accompanying alex.

They got their havainas and I’ve decide to get mine next month 🙂
OHHS ! save money .

I got this damnn irritating sore throat .
So i got the herbal tea from those chinese medical shops.
It was …Eeee.
I took a few sips only , then i forget to take it back home.

I think this coming month I’ll be pretty busy with some stuffs .
Like the Ntl Robocode, Red camp , perhaps the game booth .
And most importantly my studies .
I really wanna get like good grades for this semester and not having to retake any of my modules next year . Like programming , I’m totally lost .And for accountings , I’m a dead egg . So i really need to work hard .Xtra HARD !


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