Happy :D

Hi .

Back from movie .Caught this

I think okay okay only .
I don’t really like the voice , like super scary la
A little crappish lor
tsk tsk

After the movie went to Cold Storage .Camwhored there .
So funny la . Ruvyn wore the wig and i think it suits him lor.
Took a lot of pictures .
So this collage is only a part of it

Then we went to Civic. Considering whether to have Starbucks . Instead we went down to Mac .
Played with the hoodies .

I enjoyed my day very much . Cause I really missed them like ….
Can’t be measured .
Thanks loves for making my day .

And OMG ! tml got IAC presentation.
Damn fast la .
like the 2nd week only lor .
Tsk tsk .
Never mind , only 6 more lessons to go .
And I realize i got interesting group mates .
We never had full strength on MSN when discussing for the presentation .
Either Gab or Vanessa are not around .
And to groupmates : I did my research already ( a little only la >< ) Tml we consolidate the thingys kays . I go sleep first 🙂

There’s trng tml .
Think need my sleep .

GOodnights .


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