A session with new faces.

Finally finish the first week of school
And another next week .On and on .
This week seems like forever .

After 1 week of the new modules, this is how i felt.
Accountings is like so difficult .
I heard from classmates is what they learn from 1/2 a year was what we learn for 2 hrs .

Networking fundamentals=NF=Not fun , is really not fun at all .
But i think the teacher quite good .

Object-oriented programming-OOP.
The teacher is farway not better than our previous teacher.

Enterprise System Analysis Design-ESAD
I think this is the best?
Cause this teacher is kind of my favourite.
And i has the best classroom environment.
Thumbs up .

Back to yesterday.
We had a little make-new-friends session yestd @ bugis ,steamboat-ing.
There was me, xueqi , phoebe, lynette,murphy ,nicholas .
Murphy brought junyang and limhan.
Phoebe brought faye(phoebe sister) , daniel laksana , kah-ho, josiah
Before the steamboat i was kinda scared that the atmosphere will be awkward .
But it turned out not to bad .
Evil cabbed down after his training .
We played some really nice games .
Those kinda of no-logic logical games (in my opinion).
And didn’t managed to guess the answers until last minute
When i meant last minute , it refers to when we where going home .
The guys was trying very hard to let me understand the logic behind the games but Really couldn’t get it . But i’m not the dumbest one . ^^

Some funny things happened too.
From our past session , we found out nic peels his prawns so slowly .
Like 10 mins for a prawn.
So yestd I had a PK with him .
ANd i won.

Fish incident too .
I put the fish in and waited for it to be cooked.
After 10 mins , I was searching for my fish all over and couldn’t find it .
Mirah: Ehh , you all got see my fish anot ?
Limhan: I just ate one just now. How many pieces you put in ?
Mirah: One.

Was freaking funny la .

Journey home seems so fast .
I bet it was the laughing and jokes through out the trip .

You know what I earned from a trip from sembawang to woodlands .
A better understanding of a friend .

It’s kinda late so I’m turning in for now.


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