i had a nice day.how about you ?

HI !
Today, the start of another sickening semester which torture lies ahead 😦 BOO We had to attend some briefing / prize presentation . I was bored cause It does not really concern us . Boring stuffs . So me and phoebe like gossiping around , looking for people around the theater . During the prize presentation , there’s this super funny acting guy took received the something ( i dno what’s that ) . The reaction was hilarious . And lingy on director’s list lor . 4 pointer lei .
My course people have to stay back for course briefing . I don’t know is it a good thing or a bad thing . Supposedly , we have a choice of Banking and finance or healthcare option . But during the course survey at the start of the year , We all voted for banking and finance . So now , they scrap off the healthcare option .And our NEW course name is ” Financial Infomatics ” .
Now i feel like freaking weird . I’m so used to Enterprise IT and thought it is a nice name .
And we have business modules .
Not very happy and not very sad .
Okays , i think enough of these .

So I wasted like 1 hour plus outside the class waiting for the teacher to come.
But …he never come -.-

And new OOP teacher , she speaks so softly and blames us for talking so loud .
It’s like our habit alrd what . lols .

meet jiamei and ruvyn at cwp .
walked around and i bought my bottle . happy la
finally got mine alrd .
janice and yujuan came to look for us too .
settled for dinner at LJS and sharon came .
After that we accompanied her to get her stuffs .
We played this very stupid yet SUPER FUNNY game ! super what la . tsk tsk .
Ruvyn you careful are . I sure take my revenge tml if i see you .
But i enjoyed myself a lot today .
They are the best πŸ™‚
Gina and sharon came my house after that . Slack and watched TV for awhile then they left .

I happy la today .
Mirah flying up to the sky alrd .

Tml school . Sian .

Jiamei , try your best kays ?
πŸ˜€ Don’t lose the motivation allright .

Fann I miss you . Like so long never see you alrd .

And to rest of the girls , we shall study hard and play ahrd this semester okays ?
All the best for your new semester . The very orbit sentence : ” Pass with flying colours “

No more late night clinging on my lappy
No more late night sleeping .
school ! I wanna study hard yo !!!!
Like as hard as a rock .
lame i know .

Goodnights !!!!

You must be zooming in to see this small highlighted words . Tell you a secret , I need to say goodbye . GOODBYE!


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