I’m back .

Hello people .

I’m back from the SL camp alrd .
before that was the SC outing .


Met alex , lingyi , noob and bused down to met phoebe and off to vivo .
We were a little late so we had everyone waiting for us .
My group had phoebe , me , grace , mervin , kenneth .
The games was fun and I enjoyed myself there .
The first game was photohunt .
Got a picture of this japanese words .So we didn’t know where was it . When we took the bus , we asked this japanese couple .We could not really understand each other but eventually we got to know where is the place . They were very nice people and friendly .
The bonus for some of the questions was asking people to be in the picture .

After bathing , had dinner @subway with them .
Shafiq was like being so funny and I coudn’t really eat properly .
I was kind of in danger cause jerry , sitting infront of me , will spit his food out while he laughs .
alex couldn’t eat cause he pluck his wisdom tooth out .
He lost all his wisdom alrd .

your mother , our group.

the 2 angmoh kids who was asked to pose for us .



me& phoebe , bg:alex


the camp was fun . It was mainly about doing our cheers , bonding with fellow centurions , tribe identity , banner and having fun .
We stayed at the loft and the moment i stepped in , i went “woah !”
It was like super nice . My roommates was liyana and evelyn .
The room was nice, in pink , with a balcony. And we have a toilet in the room .
So nice .

Had a little bonding session with the group @tribe room .
so we were writing some little stuffs about ourselfs that people dno and after that we have to guess who is the person .
the guys played twister and it was super funny .

the sunrise.

pink sofabed

pinky .
The whole place is like super ikea . So i love it .

Learning th mass dance was super fun and the finale cheer competition was WOOHOO .
I think my group of centurions is really super high .
And I’m super looking forward to Red Camp 5 .

School’s starting soon .
And I really wanna meet up with my dears before school starts
Call me if there’s any yo .


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