I miss my girls . VERY MUCH .

Hi .

Feel so tired suddenly .

Went town with xueqi.
Met with shafiq first .
And i saw the TV i’m getting .
woohoo .
So i stood there laughing to myself , looking at display sets like some retard .
Walk around wisma and went to art friends .
Shafiq kept saying that it’s a place for some girls and so gay place .

After that we went to meet phoebe .
Talked talked then shafiq friends came down .
I wanted to get my bottle but don’t have the one I want .
And is more expensive than the ones at cwp although they are the same one .
I want get for my camp lei which is the day after tml .
And tml i guess I wont be free cause have SC outing .
So excited .

To people taking the train :
Few days back when i was on the way home from chalet ( feeling tired) , I took the priority seat and halfway while I was sleeping , some indian uncle woke me up while I was sleeping and said this to me ” Excuse me , this is the priority seat . Can you leave the seat?”
*roll eyes*
Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk .

I miss those time when we slog out yo.

edit on 10.26pm

All of the sudden , my dad’s friend came to my house .
And all of a sudden , the Tv is here .
OMG ! i kept laughing to myself like some idiot .
Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah .

jiang jiang jiang !

I’m still recovering from my dream .
Like finally .
I tot It would only be here next month or somewhere there .
Never could i expect i got it today .
I was still standing outside sony style smilling like an idiot
And now … I can just stand and laugh !

tml SC outing .
i will be waking up at 7 .
And now is 1200 .
(shake heads) 😦

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