What a beauty.


am a very home person .
I mean house .

Seeing how things in my room go the way i want it to be makes me feel like WOOHOO .
But of course there is still somethings that really pissed me off .
For those who came to my room before , you’ll realize that there is PLENTY of little cupboards .
My dad got them and left in my room .
But when said I wanted to get rid of them , he will like flare up .
so yup .

Few months back , I was thinking if there’s a TV in my room together with my DVD player .
(Funny right ? I have a DVD player and no TV)
Then this babe caught my attraction.

HWEE-WEET . Chio bu sia !
Wah , i like this .

School starting soon .
SO I wanna play real hard now and study like a cow ltr .

Money been going out of my cash register yet none are coming in .
I thought it was meant to be a cycle.
wth .


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