Happiness in custody .


Back from the bbq .
Kinda heartwarming .
There was me , xueqi , phoebe , sasa , murphy , alex , nicholas , sinyee , yongquan , shafiq .
yeahs , 10 of us only . Some ps us , so was rather disappointing .
Haven’t been seeing some of them for quite sometime .
missed them.
This bbq kinda expensive but I’m fine with it .
Cause It’s like once in a while .

Mirah,phoebe,xueqi stayed at the bbq pit .
Spending the night there while the rest left for home .
We had a long nice chat over the extra food , drink .
Laughing , talking so loudly .
But there wasn’t attention from the other people there .
Cause there’s a more attracting attraction .

There’s till whole big bunch of people , secondary school students i bet .
Celebrating their birthday .
blah blah blah .
and the birthday girl & her friend was drunk .
Very drunk . But i don’t think they drank a lot.
2 drunk people hitting each other , crying loudly , laughing loudly , hitting other people too.
next moment they were lying on the pathway , on the grass .
It was like wth ! Created a big commotion till everybody set their eyes on them.
Girls , getting drunk in public. And doing things that was so obscene.
and her tube was dropping . half of her nehneh show people .for goodness sake.

Going back to pasir ris again tml .
To celebrate kahmei’s birthday !

ordered our food from ezb.com .
The food was not bad but the service sucks !
We called the lady to deliver the food at a later time .
And she was pissed off and kinda raised her voice at us .
kanasai .

pictures another time .


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