the bunny house.


Met jiamei first then walked around while waiting for janice .
she was a little disturbed by some issues .
But I think now she feels better alrd .

Caught the bunny house just now .
I think it was funny and some parts of the movie was kinda touching la .
Bimbotic , skimpy costumes and dirty way of talking .
The whole row of guys sitting infront of me was like so excited (esp this 2 guys ) over some of the dialog and they were laughing uncontrollable .
I was like -.-

Then took the last train back home and i think I reached home only @ 1 plus.
The way back home was scary and I climbed that overhead bridge cause i was too lazy to go to the far end to take the escalator .miracle do happens you know .

Bbq tml . Gonna stay overnight there .
hope everything turns out well 🙂

We will always think how good will it be if i __ . I think it’s more important to be yourself and stop putting yourself into in such a position . Because no matter how much you say you wanna be who who who , It is still impossible . You are a(one person), an independent . You can try to be like __, but you are nvr __.
So be yourself .

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