Untitled still.

Song playing: Stranger
Mood: Average.

HI !

Okays, I woke up super early in the morning you know . Was like 8 actually , then i dragged till 8.30am pulling myself out from the bed .
Like sucha a miracle .

I went for the Red Camp SL thingy .

woohoos . I’m in Centurion.

My group people like damn on , so there’s nothing worrying about .
and I found like super high people in the group . Shiok .
and my ex-colleague is in the same group as me !
But still , Very looking forward to the SL camp and red camp 5.

After that i went for movie with xueqi,phoebe and Noob !
Boys over flowers the movie (Hanadan).
They are heart throbs . super & now I feel so encouraged to watched the Jap version of meteor garden . Hmms , I shall do it tml .
We were having our little picnic in the theater . I bet the people there would just hate us . All because of the plastic bags sound .

Somekind of settled the bbq today .
I mean like what to order and stuffs like that .
I’m pretty surprised by the time we used to finish planning .
Good . Who said that there is only only gossip when girls are together ?

I wanna go for class chalets la .
Other classes like so on .
Our’s like …
If there’s a chalet , perhaps there will be : me , phoebe , jay , jeremy ?
Pathetic 😦
Class chalet laaaa.

I can’t fall asleep Again !whatthefuck.Like damn irritating .I’m tired but i couldn’t fall asleep .I’ve been feeling emo these few days , like some kind of invisible stress . (i know this is crap)
that’s the reason behind these little brown words at the bottom of every recent post .
Fed-up with life .But I couldn’t find what’s the reason causing all this .Sometimes I wanna just break down and cry . like just cry . no reason . How much contradicting can I go ?
i think i’m just mad in the mind .

Sometimes this is the way to life.
Sometimes, this is not .

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