Song playing: Teardrops on my guitar
Mood: Hot(warm)


I don’t know what’s up with the weather nowadays .
Been freaking hot hot hot hot hot!
I feel like I’m being placed in a oven , baking .
Other countries further away for the equator are preparing themselves for autumn which is a cooler season considered to summer .
And in Singapore, we only prepare for the rainy days ( bring our brollies out,a jacket/cardigan)
and sunny days ( sunblocks , caps, sun-brella)

The mixed course bbq’s date is coming near yet we have not collected the money for it .
And the bbq is this coming sat .
Cham liao la .

Oh yarh , yestd I went to lot1 with fanny ,sharon , jiamei. and hongbao came down too .
I got my shoes , tank , purse @ total : $28.95 !
tsk tsk . Mirah’s been very not mercy with her wallet .
It’s the vain season .

I went to library , accompanied jiamei to return her books .
And i borrowed some books . Yes , books !
Some chinese novels .Surprised hurh .

I couldn’t sleep the whole night until 6 in the morning .
What could be the reason behind it ?

There’s the red camp inauguration on this coming tuesday .
And a Student leaders camp on Oct 8&9 .
I’m looking forward to the camp cause i think we’re gonna stay @ The Loft .
Woohooo. I heard it was nice .

Yeah, We saw —— the other day .
What a reaction I saw/felt.
Friendship , what a funny thing . I don’t know who is the one crying , saying how much you can’t bear to leave us .Saying how much you’ll miss us .
And now , the reaction i see from you when we happen to see you is like ” ohh , Hi( walkaway)” .
I don’t know how you feel about seeing us . But from your actions , I assume it’s pretty cold hurh . Yeah , It’s true that some of us are beginning to drift away from the group . Perhaps of schools or other stuffs . But at least we did an effort to ask the rest out for an gathering . So why not try taking the initiative ?

One day , I dreamt of something very weird . I was doing something in my room and suddenly I heard engine sounds under my block . So I looked out of the window.
I see a set-up of people , spotlight , cars , camera.
and suddenly, voommm , the F1 cars speed across my eyes . I was like woah ~
Then everything ended -_-” .


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