i LOVE ONLINE SHOPPING YO./ shoppng addiction.

Song playing: Wonderwall
Mood: HAPPY !

Hi .

Bet i’m not going out today .
Stay at home , becoming a mummy girl .

Was in the room all day and suddenly heard some knock knocks sound on the door.
I thought i was thinking too much .
Ignored for a few seconds but then I went to open the door .
I saw a POSTMAN !
In his hands was my parcel !
Damn happy laaa . I just received my parcel .
Bought this pants online & i love it very much !
woohoos .

I check out my timetable yestd night .
And I some how don’t really like it .

And my OOP teacher is indian !
gosh ! no prejudices against indians.
but i bet i can’t pay attention .
Will be finishing school around 3pm or 4pm.
I hate the monday/tuesday timetable .
like what lor . I rather not having the 1 hr break .


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