wow !


I went out today with girls(fann,gina,kahmei,janice)

Went for k-session (w/o jiamei).
Had so much fun okays .
Scream until my lungs like …

Off to jan’s house cause fanny wanted to choose her class.
Her mummy’s friends all inside playing mahjong .

Went off to interchange and bused down to town .
First stop was Far East .
the teatime end at 6 and when we saw the promo , it was alrd 5.55pm.
So we chop chop kan-chiongly go order .
The ice lemon-tea taste bland .

Shopped @ wisma after that .
And the flats @ cotton on !
omg ! super comfy sia

I told myself that today “Mirah , No shopping”
but i just couldn’t resist .
Got a pmk tee /top/ring.
OMG ! pocket gng dry ! super dry .

I’d rather turn deaf then to hear you talk.


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