A little more enjoyment before new sem.

Song playing : Way Back into Love
Mood: HAPPY !


I woke up with quite a big surprise.
My results ! Stunning .
I passed my Business statistics !
And not a D but a B !
& I also email-ed my teacher .

Pretty disappointed by my EIS .
got an C+.

GPA was 2.9 .
Still okay I guess .

Went Tampines today .
Ikea meatballs and chicken wings . Shioks man!
Mini celebration for us . Cause I passed my BS, they passed FSP !
Good good .
Bought Hangers and 1 small toy .
And i think i got whole set le ! HAPPY YOU KNOW .

Found out something .
The height of my lovely pink chair can be adjusted
Happy !

Then happily happily went to Giant .
Eye-ed on this red slippers . Nice la . There glitter on it .
Actually I wanted to get the black with glitters but ,,, nvm .

I saw kwekjiaming just now .
He looked like a lobster now .
A true carrot . Imitation Radish .
And he flaunting his AD infront of me .
I’m gonna peel him alive .

Saw doggie on my tagboard .
Wah! Super surprised how she found me . Didn’t even have my msn .
haha. She’s my mentor in my Primers POC group .
I always talk to her de . Luckily she nvr ignore me πŸ™‚
And willing to crap with me. If not i sure die de .

Tomorrow I’m gonna re-organise my wardrobe/dye my hair/clean my room.
Perhaps a movie in the afternoon .
and WED I’m going shopping with fanny /gina .


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