Song playing: Baby boy-Beyonce.
Mood: tired

met ying , janice, jiamei, joankia for lunch .
@ pizza .

after that joankia go meet the rest for movie
while we went ikea , along with ying’s friend.
went for the tamp de
cause like more things there.
queensway like most of the showroom on renovation.
Janice was being pushed around in that trolley .
I bet she enjoyed it 🙂
Didn’t do any shopping.
Only ying and ben got their stuffs.

On the way to ikea , we were thinking abt going on a trip overseas.
It may not sound like a fantastic place to go but still nt bad la
Sunway lagoon.
And this time we are calling the guys along on this trip .
Hope that this trip will be successful one.
but like a lot of ppl can’t come la .

I had a great today.
And I hope tml , the day after today will also be like this
Goodnights loves.


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