oh my tian !

Song playing: Mcfly -Heart never lies.

been lazy to blog/upload the pictures.

Went Ikea on thurs with phoebe .
actually wanted to go to her mummy’s office to check the bears .
but sudden change of plan .

i was waiting for phoebe & saw this .

so went Ikea .
OMG ! i was so happy cause i finally got what i wanted/needed.
(arghs. i’m just finding excuses to shop in ikea.)
had meatballs with the Spaghetti for lunch .


and we also used the colorful cups . But actually these are meant for the kids la .
But hack care only .

went around and saw a lot of things that i really wanted to get but …
i had to consider my budget too .
i spent like only 20plus$ on


  1. Shoe rack
  2. 3pc organizer for my little stuffs.
  3. 2 small stuff toys.
  4. 1 pink container
  5. scissors for my mummy.
  6. the iKea bag that you see now . (i should have brought along my ikea bag sia. waste $$ )

so it was still worth the price la.
we stayed quite some time at the kids section .With so many cute stuffs , i couldn’t resist them.

and this.

kind of contradicting right ?
if people liked the yellow bag ,why would people get the blue one instead ?

then it was time for phoebe to fulfill her promise.
is to treat me to a hotdog.

the story behind this was when we were on the bus, we were guessing where would the bus turn to and i WON !!!
wahahas .

went anchorpoint and of course i visited my old workplace

and to my surprise , my manager(whom i used to dislike) was pregnant . congrats 🙂
then went around the mall , i think nothing really changed there apart from some of the new stores. and i’m sure going back there again cause i saw smth i really like.
had crepes before we left .
and it was gooddd.

banana w/chocolate.

mine was nutella with kiwi . i requested for the kiwi instead of banana.

and it blended well .

and i saw a hello kitty mooncake.

the moment i reached home , i assembled the shoerack and threw away some shoes .

TADAA~ my wonderful hands did this 🙂

and after that , i don’t know what came into me .
i started to clear my drawers/clear the dust away/organizing.
and suddenly i have bags full of thing for me to throw.
i threw some of the things that was kind of important to me in the past.
but i knew the things there serves no purposes alrd.
And there it goes down the rubbish chute .
the sense of satisfactory i got was OMG !

i threw this away, the bottle i got from my trip with girls . Reason being it has not been used for a long time and therefore there rust on it 😦

this is how 1 corner of my room looked like .

On friday.
HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to ravin / ms.lim/mrs whelan
hahas. these teacher is the most power the laa.
but i didnt go back .diaos.
INSTEAD, i went for movie with fann and jiamei.
watch 12 Lotus .
i went in , like almost all the people there is uncles and aunties la .

it was nice.the songs were nice , a very strong Singapore style but was good.
But i find the movie a bit too long . For instance the 2th part of the movie where she grew up.
I find it redundant and thought that the 1st part of the movie was better . And i really cried cause it was really touching . And also not forgetting the funny parts too.
Almost all dialogs in hokkien but managed to understand.
and star appearance -Stefanie sun .
was kind of weird .

after the movie , accompanied fann to the saloon to have her fringe rebonded.
and it took like 1 hr plus .
she didn’t know what style should her new fringe be.
and recommended BANGS .
I was feeling excited more than her .
Fann don’t worry. Next time my hair grow a bit longer, i go cut bags also 🙂

which was today .
woke up like real late and girls were at sentosa having their ripcurl competition.
i self entertained myself , watching videos /blogs/friendster.

iPod bra . a new fashion ?

slinky USB

After that met jiamei and went to ying’s house for buffet.

look at this mountain of butter !

her mummy ordered buffet to celebrate the closing of the “good brothers gate”
funny right ?
hahas . chatted over dinner and played 1 round of game of life before leaving.
it was fun la . super funny .
ying ying kept paying la .

AND i really enjoyed myself today .
i think the sun today was really hot cause they look so tanned .
janice felt her skin like so hot and started soothing her skin with cool water .

it was a bucket of water with ice ,
then we webcammed with fann/richard .
funny la .

called home and dad agreed to pick me up downstairs .
it must be a miracle .


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