just reached home .
had my bath and here i am to start blogging .

met nuts for kbox first .
i really sing till my throat like …
gone case.

and it’s freaking ex .

then met peishan/zhiying to go andrew house @pinegrove .
omg ! his house is super ulu la
feels like some haunted place .
jay said it’s because it is called Ulu pandan Road .
got some vodka .
mine was raspberry vodka and margarita .
the number of people who turned up for the bbq was disappointing la
only me phoebe jay shawn dreamy weiyang aslam zhiying peishan alex.
then zhiying/peishan left like so early la .
as though they just sat down for a while then go off liao .
right after we came back form 7-11
then aslam weiyang alex left .
so rush can

left only with 5 students and 2 adults .
like sian la .
but nvm .
i still enjoyed the food there .

just ignore the man behind . just an extra .

wahsey ! unglamm la .

finally got the correct take .

cause before this was like this…

just a short intro about this person
he is shawn . we always call him the fader .
cause when he talk we will auto-fade out .
yes, like how you use a fade-out transition in your powerpoints.

above you, is just a mad person .
who likes to call people in the wee hours and wake them up to go toilet .
and the idiot who hits my head as though i’m a punching bag .

see what phoebe drank .
green tea ~

what i had.

i can only say andrew really prepared alot of food for the whole class
in the end ,only a few came .
andrew told us he once worked in germany as a chef .
omg ! cant believe it la .
than he bought a lot of those weird stuffs .
like a bag of garlic , roti prata , bread and mushroom.
hahas. he said he wanted to do something nice for us
but he suddenly got some meeting to attend .

then suddenly the lights went off .
so i was teasing andrew like…
“eh , teacher . you nvr pay electric bills is it ?”
so after that we quickly pack up and went home .

this was the first time i saw shawn so active la .
very very good !
he should be like this more often .
good for the personal development πŸ™‚
and i told him about his auto-fading out today .

and this guy!
dreamy !
omg, buay tahan him la .
i was eating corn with phoebe along the poolside and then he suddenly splash the water at us .

and he told us he was 19 .
oh please for goodness sake .


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