hi lovelies !

ended the singtel roadshow .
the roadshow was fun and my colleagues are all very nice .
jay , benny , elson , keith , daryl , alex , kenneth , shiqi , sammy , samantha , hai , siti ,qixin,tiffinay, desmond , connie , micheal, edwin.

elson told us about them accidentally went into a gay pub and what happened next . super funny la.

chit chat chit chat. ! eat snake !

benny doing that sissy action to jayjay when he needed somebody to pull him up . i’ll never forget that !

jay doing his normal routines . going crazy in the early morning ,calling people to go toilet and HITTING my head for not accompanying him to take food .

this picture was taken like 6 in the morning .

kenneth going his “ahems” breaks and everyone was worrying about him fainting somewhere cause he was sick .

shiqi being the da jiejie inside . We are like anticipating to watch M18 show while she can go watch a R21 movie.

sammy playing with the food . a failed attempt to throw the titbit into my mouth . Tsk . lousy.

hai and siti forever looking tired .hahas .

qixin the quiet quiet girl that clubs a lot .

desmond telling us what happened during his army days and i swear it was super funny !
and together with micheal , getting bai-ka overnight.

alex the future captain . And not every alex is evil !

my packed dinner .

this was during my first every graveyard “shit”.


see the emptyness ? this was after the crowd left and was around 4 am i guess.

went for break at the recreation club .

some ppl sleeping cause it was like 6 am .

8am :left this place for home .

supposedly we end at 10am but they let us off earlier .
so total hours i work that day was like 10 instead of 13 hrs .
including the long break that they gave us . Extra time (:
well ,the past few day was a great learning experience for me .
and i look forward to the next time working with my Singtel mates cause they are really fun to be with !

town really sucks if you were there around 9am .
No air conditioning in malls esp taka/wisma . so stores to feed us food . laoya !

reached home i really slept my ass off.soooo TIRED !

i went for haircut with janice !!!!
hahas .finally get to see her .
and my hair now looks as though i was in my secondary school days .
but still ok .
went causeway and finally get my ear studs and the lady gave me discount.
and got a hairband !
i had an enjoyable day today.
sorry murphy for not going your bbq today .

tml i’m going andrew’s house for bbq . gonna meet Eitgirls for k perhaps .

for now…
Goodbyes !


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