Apple iPhone 2208 . coming…

went for the Singtel training just now .
copied down the information and need to like memorize.
so many people squeeze in sucha small room .
but pity the guys have to stand .
only me , jayjay & sammy working graveyard shit .
xueqi , phoebe,murphy work normal hours.
but nvm , i’m paid $10.50/hour and i only need to work for 2 long days .
shiok !
and i’m working for the comex IT show .
thanks to JANE ! ! !
give out flyers only and weekdays is $6.50/hr .
weekend higher .
shiok la .

went for lunch first .
&murphy ate 2 SETS OF KFC STUDENT MEAL !

initially we wanted to train down to somerset from orchard .
but i took them onto the wrong train and went to newton instead .
sorry XUEQI & MURPHY .
mistaken mahs .

met jay and saw sammy there .
after the trng , walked from Centerpoint to FarEast for Carls’s JR .
can see murphy so happy that he can go eat .
then we started gossiping about our class the thingys and some funny stuffs .
jay really is funny .
saw some of our colleagues-wannabes there too .

then took bus and alight @ heeren and walk to Centerpoint to look for jeremy .
he like so stunned that 6 of us went to look for him .
we like walked 1 big round, into some creepy lift/corridor to the first level .
accompanied his for his “S” break and went back to the Store .
and today , i macam like go on

Tour name: “Perfume Tour” @ robinsons .
Tour guide : Jeremy (orankutan)
Tour people: Mirah , Phoebe, Xueqi , Sammy , Murphy ,Jay.
intro us which perfume and stuffs like that .
” Hi ! how can i help you sir ?”
and after today , i want to get the Incanto Shine /DKNY .
hehes .

I’m feeling super EXCITED over tml !
first time doing graveyard shit .
hahas .
I asked Andrew mentor to come visit me and jay since he’s a night cat .
and he told me he’s gonna go clubbing @ St.james .

I’m getting an APPLE TEE TML ! yays !
byes . gotta rest well .
if you guys have some time to spare , can come visit me @ Singtel Comcentre (somerset mrt)
tml will be 8 pm to 10 am the next day .


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