nice weather .

hello all !

went murphy’s house @ lavender .
we waited for him to come down fetch us and in the meanwhile we were guessing what direction would he come from .
omg ! he lives at 26 floor you know ! it’s like 3times my level la .!
that’s not the highest . highest is 41 la ! went up before we left his place & my legs were trembling .
look for level 1 ? impossible from lvl 41 !

ohhs !

his house super cosy and he got this very cute dog ! called “JEWEL !”
omg ! she is supersupersuper cute la and very obedient too .
murphy really love his dog and he treats her like his girlfriend sia!
and he calls his dog by ” Oi ! “


she tired alrd .


actually we wanted to go his house the gym but we all like …
then nvr go alrd . his house /sofa got some kind of aura and we kinda stuck our butts into his sofa.
and and and ! from his house view , i can see the flyer (miraculously , through a small hole ) , bugis , and Cityhall area ! do need go squeeze with ppl at the bridge to watch fireworks .

headed to Marina Square for lunch/dinner .
eat Carl’s Junior and it was damn full full full !!!

we were stalking the seat there for like 2 hours and playing DJMax .



finally we went to the esplanade cause i nvr go there before .
enjoyed the breeze on the rooftop but started drizzling .
walked around the building and watched this musical performance .
very unique and talented cause the pieces they played are impromptu .


after that went to sit by the river slack and the sky so black lor .


tml im gonna go for training (:
hahas , good luck to me !
nights .


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