yestd stayed till 10 pm at school to revise BS with mr.kong .
sad man ! he’s leaving for Australia somewhere in late September.
he is the nicest teacher i’ve ever met la .
such a waste . and we keep saying that he’s going there to rear kangaroo /or being a plumber.
he says that plumbers are well-paid there .
we keep mimicking his habits/actions. like having an “er” in front of every sentence,smiling wherever he goes .
then he shocked me ,by calling me “chen lao shi”. it was dark behind i was thinking who is he talking to.
really freaked me out .
Jayjay came too and he really made me laugh till like …
we went to cheers to get something for teacher and tidbits.
on the way there,it was raining heavily ,so we had to take the shelter .
he suddenly slip and we behind him was stunned .
walked past this dark dark shelter which look like those scenes from Jurassic park.

BS test today was likeee…
not really very confident but still manageable .

who cares , IT’s HOLIDAYS ALRD !
need to go find a job to feed my wardrobe.

gonna be like super many events coming up next week .
Mon-Sentosa w/previous EIT outing people.
Tues– @nd MindsCafe w/ S&W (and organise chalet)
Wed-Sushi with classmates .
Friday-Class bbq @Andrew Mentor house.
Saturday-SASA’s birthday bbq .

went westmall for a small chat then took train with xueqi home
ate dinner before that @market with PB, Xq, S.Ffiq
tired .
gonna go slp .

uncle was just being discharged from hospital .
hope he gets well soon (:

As for pictures ,tomorrow will it be (:
& now i have like 80 ++ pictures not yet to be posted .


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