A new august.

just woke up from my sleep.
a really nice one.

actually there was no school today cause no exams/lesson.
but ltr im gng school to meet mr.kong for BS remedial, which i really need it .

so what i’ve done for the past few days.
Monday-Java Exam.
SUCK-LEVEL-it sucks totally !
murphywuyoucheng with my orange specs .

saw this at the pending busstop .

this is what they think of programming.

it was difficult.REALLY TOUGH! i felt like a mad woman during that paper.

Tuesday-Study session@Mac /Minds CAfe
SUCK-LEVEL-zerrroooos .

Studied at mac w/murphy,phoebe,xueqi.
Minds cafe w/them + choonseng.
it was fun playing those board games. temporarily took me away from my troubles for COS.
Games played-Game of life/Monkey/Ticket to ride/Uglydoll.
We were there from 2pm to 7pm (:
noisy level was super high . settled dinner there with a bowl of pasta.
i really want to come with my sec cliques next time.
he lost the monkeys .

game of life and i got this darn job .
1.Police (pay: $70,000)
2.FnB (pay:$30,000)


our cars loaded with”family” on it.

life’s like a spinning wheel .

ticket to ride !
super fun . you have to build your routes based on your mission .

the uglygame. SUPER FUN & PAIN.
cause your hand is like kanna piak here and there .

from left to right : (before we play , after we play , then rescued )
there’s a reason why it’s call the uglydoll .
this is what happened to the cards after 1 round !
of course there was damages before that la .

this game is super fierce la . see what happened to murphy’s hand .injury(minor)

biggest loser(counting from the right with 7 cards only)

try to act only .


went school early to study for the module/ lesson @ 2pm /exam @4pm/home after 6.
did a stupid mistake which cost me 14marks! IRRITATING ROUND ROBIN.
went home with gina,joankia,phoebe.

Thursdays-BS remedial.
SUCK-LEVEL-to be rated.

pictures ltr(:


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