im exhausted after a whole day of school .

didn’t have to attend school early today .
instead i went for lesson at 10.30 am.
so that means i can have more sleep .YAYS !

today’s lesson like super slacking.
during COS , i just need to do a few round robin question then it’s done!
ended lesson arnd 11 plus which was super fast.
so in the meanwhile, chatted with shafiq and phoebe outside his class.
Shafiq super funny la ! he really like my laughing bomb.
i really cant stand him you know . he said that i laugh as though i have a helicopter/engine in my stomach.NONSENSE !
saw yongzhi and we kachiao him. he covered his ears and run to the toilet. hahas . super funny !

after lunch, was FP .
slacking only πŸ™‚ cause it’s andrew’s lesson . bought coffee for him cause i own him 1 .
he wanted Kopi C less sugar GAO . but i tot he said more sugar . so i ordered this for him “ Kopi C MORE SUGAR GAO ” . next time if want buy coffee for him, just tell the auntie that im buying for the botak lecturer .

tried to edit my CATS proj video but my com cant support . so used phoebe’s lappy do and she was webcamming with shafiq . so i used her lappy try doing the editing and webcammed with shafiq . he go turn his camera to his classmate , brian. & i was SUPER STUNNED ! MALU LA ! then he like gimme those super super shy shy face, i also feel paiseh la . dumb shafiq .
convert the video to the correct format then edited part of it πŸ˜€
quite happy with it .

helped gina with her proj, was filing at Canteen 2 and track .
rushed back class to do fsp cause they were waiting for me πŸ™‚
then went to 01 classroom to do fsp .
left me , phoebe , xueqi and murphy only .
so left for dinner at KAP tgt .

this incident happened in the bus when i was on my way home .
phoebe suddenly wanted to camwhore . the lady sitting opposite us volunteered to helped us take the photo la. sucha NICEEEE PERSON !







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