i think im abit wols(slow!) in blogging nowadays .
been very busy these few days with assignments
dumb programming ,
BS totally like …
COS , learning about those computer stuffs.
my tests which i really want to pass well .
irritating EIS which cost my sleep on Sunday night.
didn’t slept a wink at all .
from 10 plus at night to 7 am on the next morning .
i feel like a mad woman.

Friday: school & help gina with her filming. Did some irritating parts of my programming.

Sunday: study session for EIS with phoebe,xueqi & murphy.
We were really rushing my EIS ! Met at J8 library to AMK library , cause there wasn’t enough power plugs .

Monday: Went RP for bb match. TP no.81 power sia . so accurate at his 3-pointer . Not bad, richard. then It was NP vs ITE . we won ! and the last few minutes of the games was really funny! Evil waited for us (unexpectedly!) and went home tgt.

Tues: Skipped my last CATS class. and met the S&W volleyball people for movie@ The Cathay.
me, xueqi,phoebe,choonseng,murphy, nicholas.
Caught the dark knight. Super niceeeeee! I LOVE THAT MOVIE CAN ! and i was frightened y some parts of the movie. went for improper dinner. the chicken was oily , then i shared mine with the rest .

Wednesday: School today! i was late for school . heng xueqi called me . if not i think i’ll just skip school today. And i met this irritating cab driver. sucha … *roll eyes* .
went veding machine to get some food and it was stucked inside the machine. xinyi(MBS), this skinny person shook the whole vending machine man ! Magnum really ~
and i realized my class guys is really hilarious and some really like… !
the XL boy who just recovered from his operation. soon,he’s gonna hit XXXL . i can foresee.
C1 & C2 ( jeremy /jinming)! it’s carrot 1 & carrot2.
Banqi !

got packed lunch and went back to class. Watched the japanese ver. of hana kimi through the projector. funny movie !
took back my test for BS and I GOT A+ ! so i got a chocolate from mr.kong!
stayed back after school with course mates to do some our programming. You can see everybody cracking heads over the programs. BUT Evan from year 2 taught us about the java. kind of get the concept alrd. After that we went for sandwiches and headed home.

tommorrow: presentation for FP & programming. die ! super not free tml .

heard that murphy like super sian nowadays he havent been doing very well for his COS. nevermind , we all sure can help you de .

for xueqi/phoebe: i know you all are stressed over the fsp walkthrough . don’t worry too much. we still got a lot of help 😀

Pictures tml .
I’m tired alrd !

for ALL MY LOVES ! :
I REALLY MISS YOU ALL . Let’s just finish this torture and we can go for our hols & HAVE FUN ! JIAYOUS 😀

i miss this girl:D


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