and yar ! i forgotten abt SATURDAY !
i went with buddies to M.Sq to celebrate mao’s b-day .
have billy bombers for dinner , and i saw this very nice FIREWORKS .
i saw noob(sinyee) @ M.sq and afterward shahreen.
then on msn , i realised ass kwek shilei & pei “suan” was there toos .
ass kwek talked about smth very funny about the fireworks & i was laughing my ass off man.
played arcade then went back first 😀


was CATS class and overall i think we did okay.

but i think this group did quite well .

met up with my vb s&w khakis for movie outing and steamboat night .
there was..
me ( panda , all thanks to evil who gave me this nick )
phoebe ( ms.bai fa , and again all thanks to evil again )
sasa ( ms.hippo , and all again thanks to evil again ! )
xueqi (ms.blur/superstar )
lynette( ms.stomach universe/witch )
murphy (mr.good/big eater/lazy )
choonseng (mr.kopitiam/ah-seng/dad)


and finally , the showdown.
alex(mr.evil /bad-hearted /{omg ! i forgot alrd.. to be continued…. ).

took bus down to town 1st but there were no more seats available ,
so went for steamboat.
& this is what these ppl were doing in the whole journey .

evil do have his childhood memories .

1 is 19 & 1 is 20 .
*shake heads*

i was definitely laughing my butt off during the steamboat session.
so funny la

they did this seductive pose la .

eee! get me a bucket quick !
i really can’t stand it .
but 1 thing i don’t like is that thing is so far from me and i can’t reach that pot .
&had to rely on evil & mr.good help me take .
so miraculous for evil to do that lor .

you see Nicholas … (center)

after 5 mins , peeling his prawn.

after 15 mins , still peeling his prawn.
& ithink there should be some occupation for prawn peelers .
i think i took 20 mins to peel my prawn .
for the sake of 1 prawn ?!
i’m so not gonna do that again .

went for desert @my favorite place again .
had sesame/almond paste.

evil so not artistic.

& at the train , evil , cs & sasa was like laughing as though they belong to the asylum.

evil was laughing like he’s TOTALLY HAVE NO CONTROL.
and he looks drunk/mad/crazy.

we’re like having mass convo now
& it looks like a battlefield than a convo.
and it all starts off with alex, the evil !

i drew this because he drew this.

okays ! i’m tired
& BS test tml .
god bless me 😀



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