IS day .
so there’s the creative applied thinking skills /s&w
the best part of the day will be s&w .
so fun can ! we played set games tgt .
out teams lost only 1 set .
im so sad now .
as in after this sat , then it will be the end of the s&w class .
sad la . so no more volleyball arld 😦
i can’t imagine how well the class get along with each other .
good ~ must also stay in contact with each other πŸ˜€


after the lesson , phoebe /xueqi/sasa accompanied me back home to take money cause i forgot to bring money 😦
then went cwp to check out whether xueqi can collect her phone anot .
and went for dinner at ljs & saw siong/xin .
the sprite we ordered taste so weird can .
walked all the way to RP to support team NP basketball cause alex ask us go us support mahs .
saw richard & my uncle πŸ˜€
yongquan also came too .

i was feeling super nervous during the match .
at th last set , i was really very nervous for them .
so i sat there quietly & said jiayou .
phoebe say i sound like a kid there .
then she go touch my head .
-_-” lols ..

say hello to my shadow.

through each ray of light represents a hope .

Team NP VS Team SP .

NP lost by a very close score of 1 .
sad sia .
nvm , there’s next match !
jiayou okays .

i know how it feels to lose that last point .
but i think it’s more important to get over it asap
& try your best at the next match .
okay ? πŸ˜€

aiyah i know he won’t see this .

byebyes readers πŸ˜€

& some of the projs and event this week .
wed-rehearsal for investiture .
thurs-investiture & RP .
fri- projs ( CATS )
sat-volleyball interclass ( s&w)
sun- let me think …
& assignments that i HAVENT touch on yet .
sure die !


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