yestd was ying’s birthday celebration over at her house .

birthday girl 😀

it was not as “grand ?” as last year but i think she had a great time ?
hahas .
had steamboat /fruits & cake .
then we played game of life !
is was damn fun esp the 2nd round . i was laughing till my stomach really is aching .
played like 3 sets of the game & we end arnd midnight close to 1am
the weather outside was chilling . cause the rain just stopped .
took cab home .

my twinny .

janice honey .

fann baobei

gina lovely .

ying darl .

game of life !

myhouse ! 😀

wheel & turn .

get a life .

and today was the first day of school after eLearning week which totally screwed up .
lessons today was like …
cause it’s one of the modules that i don’t really like .
Eis & BS .

in toilet.


yes , i’m not the one .

BUT ! today in BS lesson teacher gave me M&M chocolates .

M&M Chocolates.

cause i managed to give the formula ,
but i’ve forgotten already 😀
it’s the chocolates that matters .

yes ! he’s mr.kong ,
the man behind all the chocolates .

m & m

retarded .


after whole day lesson , still have to wait till 6 for the 1st Student Council Meeting .

cool huh .

omg ! it’s us !

kinda slack in class watching videos and movies from shafiq’s lappy .
got this singapore movie . is funny la .
for the meeting , not really much thingys.
after that went for dinner with phoebe/aslam/murphy @ market there .


murphy , dont so shocked la .

nice 😀
then took bused home w/ phoebe .



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