hi all


okay , yestd was the first day of my eLEarning .
so met phoebe & went president evil’s house to do eLearning tgt .
yongquan/01 were also there .
then had mac breakfast .
damn nice! i had my hotcakes .
yumms .
then continued with our eLearning .

but the guys were like gaming there .
it was really boring & we found a doraemon
so we start cam-whoring with the cute doraemon 😀

this is the owner of this pathetic flAt doraemon .

he eats yanyan .

he eats chicken
but he was kinda flat …

went home to put my laptop before heading to bugis/town .
&we took bus down to town met qiqi first .
she wanted to print some pictures and i swear that place i considered cheap la
then we went down to bugis for my bag .
we were figuring what bus to take to bugis & we had some luck in it 😀
reach there & chiong go buy my haversack .
the auntie remembers me cause i just went on sun .
she promised to give me a cheaper price .
then i saw this bag & after discount , is $38 .
but being thick-skinned , i ask her to sell me at $37 by offering to sing her a song .
& she super steady .
then we went around BHG window shopping .
slack at rochery .
& i had this very stink Durian milkshake .
but is damn nice .

so today was IS day .
& i woke up super late .
met nuts and saw fann on bus 😀
super late for CAts
then got free yeo’s drink form teacher
cause is our props la .
S&W was damn fun today 😀
play quite well my grp .
then took bus to westmall & eat dinner with sasa , qiqi & nuts .
slack outside MOS toos .

tml all of them & president/singer soming tml .
eLEarning 😀

bye .
pictures tml .

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