hi lovelies !

i am extremely tired now . not too sure what’s the reason behind .
today school was fine , but kinda weird cause i didn’t brought my lappy to school .
the fsp programming was like hell , the eis is like shit .
it’s boring .

after break time , had a school trip to SMU .
it was extremely boring ! sat in the seminar room and i was really like dozing off soon .
there were quite a few people who really slept .
i just can say the room had a weird aura that puts me to sleep
then went arnd exploring the campus .
& 1 thing cool abt SMU is it seems that the different campus is separated the roads
but actually there underpass linking all the campus .
cool la .

then went for movie with classmates .
caught Handcock .
it was not too bad . just that i was really tired at a point of time that i just dozed off .
guess i missed the climax .
if not for that call , i might not wake up .
got a call form the council for tml’s SB thingy .
so that means gotta wake up early tml .
might be joining president for breakfast .

pictures tml 😀
byes ,


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