what a long day today .
met up with nuts this morning and went grocery shopping .
then went my house cook .
like so kan chiong can . happened some very funny things .
i poured all the hotdog that was supposed to be in the beans in to the vege .
then so kanchiongly , we picked the diced hotdog 1 by 1 leis
wahlao is what the lor .
then finally when everything is done we tasted some and is tasty de lor .
hahas, happy can .
bathed than cabbed down to school .
pass her the ai xin bento šŸ˜€
then had a small celebration with her.

IS class was okay .
nuts & qi came join our class cause they ended early .
went for S&W
and i can only say fun la .
now my new team got president evil , fidos , qi , sasa & nicholas .
nuts been transfered šŸ˜¦
our jia xiang noddle family gone le .
she go to group laksa .
nic is a very shy guy , and is like wooden block de lor .
then me & president keep on like counsel him la .
ask him to do this and that .
hahas, but he still like 1 piece of block .
lesson ended early then the rest stayed for a while to practise .
and they managed to serve over .
happy for them šŸ˜€
S&W lesson are ending soon .
like so sian lor . i think i’ll miss them .
cause they are quite fun to be with .
then went cwp met loves for movie .
caught get smart & it was fab!
hehes .

tomorrow’s BS test .
im suck at that module la .
nvm , try my best only .

(more pictures .)


me & baobei fann !

vip bus šŸ˜€ these two guy shake leg only .


i love you .

nuts & caramel


ai xin bian dang .

the 7 split into 2 .
i can only say that they are really good in magic .

fidos . deformed foetus .

big neh nehs .

to president .


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