hello loves !

i know my blog has been dead and lifeless for the past few days .
the new start of the term .
not a very good start thou , caught gastric flu on like monday & it was terrible .
so i did not attend school .

these few days has been quite …?
still kinda holiday mood .

saw my CT papers except for Business Stats /Programming .
well , this whole thing taught me 1 thing .
“you reap what you sow .
so stop whining about how bad your results are and how good people are .”

Business Statistics-To.be.Announced
Computer Operating Systems –D
Fundamentals of Programming –B
Enterprise info systems –B

for business stats , i’m glad the whole class passed .
cause that means i did not flunk my paper .
Damn happy can .
but of course i don’t really wish to see a D or C .
aim for an A or B . cause i really put in a lot of effort for it .
but we still can’t take the paper cause it’s is still under cross-checking.
hope there’s no changes in the grades .

today ! FRIDAY =T.G.I.F
so happy can . went for this lecture . it was about some gaming industry talks .
i was just wondering , the only course that is eligible for these gaming thingy in the whole of ICT was of course students form MMA . so why do i bother to sit here and listen to the boring talk .
i couldn’t deny that the graphics from the powerpoint was really nice and the speaker’s command of English was very good , but that did not stop me from listening to my mp3 and sleeping in the lec.hall .& the chair was sucking me in .
ended at 3 when it was suppose to end at 5 pm .
woah ! how good is that ! good deal yo .

phoebe wanted to go westmall to look for her friend .
so we went of tgt and on the way we saw xueqi & sasa .
took bus tgt with xueqi .
then went westmall to get a drink .
so we went around looking .
& sat down to chat for a while lo .
talked about a lot of stuffs which were very amusing .
and phoebe’s friend loga came .
he looks funny , not meaning his face is funny .
then me & xueqi took train home together .

i’ll be starting work tml .
kinda excited and sian too .
cause i’ll be alone at the store and i’m still a little unfamiliar with the types of contacts lenses .
oh ya , the location is at causeway point nanyang optical .
so people , if you happen to see me there say hi to me kays šŸ˜€
& after that i’ll be rushing down to pasir ris for chalet .
with my ying darling & the rest of them .
ahhas . miss them šŸ˜€

i think this post is quite long & i’m tired .
so i think i better go do some revision now .
byes šŸ˜€


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