kays ! i had a great day today .
finally , i get to meet loves πŸ˜€
met up with ying , gina , jiamei & vyn for sakae .
ying was sharing the stories of her in paris & london .
omg ! it seems really shiok la .
and guess what , we are planning to go on another trip overseas la πŸ˜€
happy man !
hahas , but i think i shoud start saving from now la .
im going on 3 overseas trip kays . OMG !
gonna be so broke can .
1 trip to guangzhou , 1 with my ict buds , 1 with lovelies πŸ˜€
hahas . im so looking forward to it can !

went pasar malam walk arnd then we went starbucks chill tgt .
talk and talk .
we were discussing how people wave byebye and preventing from showing flabby arms .
damn funny can .

well , i had a great time today kays πŸ˜€
and ict buds , i miss them too kays πŸ˜€

is vyn seeing some ahems ?!!

good . ask us to shut up .

flowers in the garden . dont pluck us πŸ˜€

yay! take picture with flower .

dont shy la vyn . you use it also what .


he so cunning . in between us so he look smaller .

me and my twinny πŸ˜€

at sakae !

ohs ! these were the pictures we took at previous sentosa outing . only some of the 600++ we took πŸ˜€

off and way ! woos .

we put you under our feeet .

they tall liao bu qi mehs .
herh .

although we short , we very de tall inside kays .

you are gonna employ us , Sentosa . cause we are the perfect choice to be a staff in sentosa πŸ˜€

alex ! my perfect picture being ruined by you le larhs .

on the way back .

we are not short kay , just that you are taller .

alex , why so buay song sia . i know you president evil . no need like this can .

emo-artistic kay


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