omg ! today was a complete day bomb for me .
spent supermuch $$ today .
went sakae w/ EIT ppl although there were only 4 of us .
but sihui & audrey came along too . just that they nvr ate with us 😀
went arnd walking the mall while waiting for the buffet to start.
so uncle pops had a new add nickname which was PRESIDENT EVIL .
wahlao , suits him so much la .
then went for buffet & it was freaking full can !
well , we did really eat so much la . Alex ate like 13 plates of salmon & zero1 ate a lot of those sushis with rice.

he went off with zero1 first . got smth on .
then we girls went BK to transfer the pictures we took at sentosa & it was super nice .
hahas . SUPER !!! NICE !!!
and i got a very sudden call from janice dear .
plan was to go Richard’s house and give him a surprise .
so met at Admiralty , got him a cake & off to his house 😀
ruvyn called him.After vyn went in his room , then he realise that more and more ppl coming in his room . then we bring him the cake .
hahas ! he was really suprised !
then played with his niece .Damn cute la . then ate our cake and went off to partyworld .

we sang like 4 hrs in a super big room . and we had a lot of those shake shake stuffs .
the girls were like super high when we sang that particular song .
made a really loud sound and the guys really cant tolerate till they leave the room .
so practically when we singing that super high song , there was only 2 other audience .
jiamei & maoquan . thanks yo .

sharon came too .
& i support you kay lovely .
we both were sitting at the roadside , hoping there would be cab .
then we cab home.

and now my phone is bombarded with lots of cam-whoring pictures.
& tml is the day to upload the pictures .
so stay tuned to this space 😀
cause im gonna hibernate the whole day at home .



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