today was sentosa outing with 01&02 .
the numbers were disappointing but overall quite fun .
didn’t really play vball .
walao they pushed me into the water .
now my knee super pain can .
i think we stayed most of our time in the water .
they were busy doing some cheer leading flips which was cool .
poor Alex & Murphy have to be the base .
we were doing some kind of funny stunts .
for eg. we held hands and formed a circle then float tgt on water ,
jumping in the water ,forming a nice formation .
then we were taking alot of pictures with lingyi”s 2000k camera .
omg la ! so Ex .! but cant deny that the pictures were nice .
and we took a todal of 500 ++ photos ( other cam not incl )
saw AVT people at sentosa too .
sucha a coincidence .

went back to vivo and ate bk .
sinyee , zhiying & emily came look for us too .
but zy & emily went of first .
took take-aways, and we went to the rooftop there eat .
chat chat , take picture .

some of them went first cause they had magnum .
went toy’s’rus play & take picture .
the toys damn fun la .
then me , phoebe , samantha , limin , audrey ,angela watched narnia tgt .
starting of the show was damn boring . but the end was ok la .
managed to get up from my sleep .

then trained back to wdls .
wanted to go home but then i acc them to eat cause super near my house .
chatted tgt then went home lo .

& alex : you this uncle ! stop suan-ing me can ?
mouth so poisonous lor.
and i’m not the panda’s mummy , I’M THE FAN .

i called to ask dad where is he and he asked who am i .
and when i said im your daughter , amirahtan !
he still dno who am i .
thanks dad for not remembering my voice πŸ˜€

spongbob! loves

i know what is he thinking :” she so childish”)

serves him right . kanna retribution


reflection .

i look so fair can .

9.0 /7.5 /8.5

snaps . alex no need so shock

eat eat

im not panda’s mother can .

crazy people like us πŸ˜€

i know don’t have the feel .

me & sinyee .

take photoo

he sells knife , you dno mehs ?

sihui !

sony vaio’s supporters πŸ˜€
murphy & mirah .

angela ; candy girl .

audrey .

samantha πŸ˜€

some are still with 01 πŸ˜€
hahas. 500 ++ .
i think can send till daylight liao .

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