just reach home.
took coach’s car back

today was EIS paper . omg my guanyinma !
kinda of ..
met them to study for a while .
but i think i did not do anything la .
really is last minute . who cares, it’s a open book test . it’s designed for people who don’t study.
i talked alot .
i print my lecture notes when i have my text with me .
and guess what jay said :” you truly own a pink IC ! “
yes ! that’s a very graceful manner to criticize people . learn from him . he’s MASTER !
went FMS block & the room was nice 😀
why doesn’t IT block have it too ?

then went for lunch with pretty boy , nuts , shawn , bahahahaha & alex .
the food damn nice can .
but it’s a real big portion larhs .

went lib to study a lil for fsp .
but i end up watching the national geographic channel .
it was featuring about some tribal thingy .
was quite.. intresting ?
they have to kill a camel with 1 stroke to show that they are now adults . but they need the elder blessing .if you don’t managed to kill with a stroke you have to kill another goat to cleanse yr sins . and after sacificing the animal , the elders took out the intestines to do fortune-telling . was really an eye-opener for me ! fortune telling !!!
and they way they cure people of sickness is damn weird .
the elders surround the sick person and all of them starts to say some words like ” we are here to chase yr illness away . our spears will kill yr illness .and you have to release the illness through urination. and what killing of goat so that it will go to the west and bring the illness away .”
and after that they ended with this ” you are now cured ”
WOAH ! if these really works , there’s no more market for doctors .
i think this is called self-deception !

bused down to hougang for match .yey !
very nervous 😀
tml might be meeting them chiong fsp .
all the way liao .
and after the sickening paper , it’s hols 😀
gng subway/island creamery celebration w.them 😀

he’s studying .. on how to read a book upside down .

couplecouplelovelovedontfight 😀

lunch @SIM

EIT course tee .

choco pretty boy with sexah leg’s “red apple juice “

&&& FELLOW EIT01 & 02 PEOPLE :
combined CLASS OUTING 😀
venue: sentosa
date : june 06 ( this coming friday )
meeting time: 10am @ habourfront mrt .
dress code : casual .

it will be a 01&02outing cause 01’s gng on friday too.
so no harm ,let’s all go tgt 😀



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