today paper was business stats = Amths !

met up with phoebe& peers this morning for a lil revision for the test .
went to look for phoebe 1st . her sis gave us a ride to sch 😀
then looked for aslam , jayjay , shawn .
murphy was with us too .
then we got some sandwiches&vitasoy
studied in room ” Einstein ” .
aslam told jayjay that we were in “ghandi” when we were in “einstein”
so jay went to ghandi and the girl there was shocked .
baha , banqi , and OH MY god !(jinming) came too .
we used the same the same thingy to trick them .
then suddenly this guy came in and he said “no food and drinks in the rooms ” .
so he confiscated my 1/2sandwich & my 1/2 vitasoy .
dumb la . i only ate half of it can . !!!
grrrsss ! sickening la .

walked to the exam hall
& it was bombarded with people !
year 1 ,2 , 3 ?
went it with a not-so-nervous feeling .
cause i know i prepared for it alrd .
at least a C+ 😀
that will be enough for me .

accompanied phoebe to print her EIS notes using murphy’s lappy .
and there’s quite a no.of EIT students there .
played DJMAX & you know what .
me&murphy played the 6-button .
each in-charge of 3 buttons & we still managed to finish the song .

went lib and waited for them to finish the paper and went back to cwp.
i went on a 1perosn shopping trip .
got myself a shoe 😀
dad’s endorsement !
felt quite good sometimes when you’re alone . but only can once in a while 😀

our whole course gonna wear this tml 😀

twist 😀
he’s like one head taller than us 😦

cam-whore !

nuts&caramel w/ mellow chocolate .

books all over the place .

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