well , i don’t know how to start today’s post .

saturday !
trng in the morning .
serene bought this lil cute boy down too .He’s dawson . damn cute .
had lunch and went home .
supposedly the time used was to rest la , but i surf the net till …

then went to phs for competition.
girls : let’s not get this incident to hinder us for the rest of the games kay .
we’ll do better next & show them what we are capable of .
i love you girls 😀 jiayou!

sometimes i can’t feel my sense of belonging .
felt so helpless/useless when i could not do anything.
i hope i can be the one there , but i can only blame myself .
reality hit me hard , real hard .

went study with fann gina janice ying kia & jiamei .
as the usual we kinda chit chat la . hehes .
accompanied ying & jiamei for a haircut.
but in the end the shop was closed .
so we went to get some snacks .
went back and ric was gone .
lols . then studied … and he appeared again .
they got competition .
was feeling a bit tired & i wanted to go home early for dinner , so went off with kia first .
crapped alot .

tomorrow’s common test .
i’m so gonna die .

if i can predict tomorrow ,
there wouldn’t be today .


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