after 3 days of studying , rotting and tournaments and trngs ,
im back to blogging .
actually i was just kinda lazy till fann reminded that i did not blog for sometime alrd .

these few days has been better for me .
i get to reach home a lil more earlier then the rest of the days .
CT next week and im super nervous can .
im so going to be dead la . shits man !
java , cos , eis , bs .
DIE ! but im gonna try my super best okays …!
chiong arhs ! !!

did a skit in class today .
not too bad but the guys were terrific .
made my laugh till like hell la .

Studied at school just now .
with kia ,jan , gina .

weather been kinda weird these few days .
hot in the day & when it reaches mid day , it starts getting gloomy and rain .

im becoming more like a yongtaufoo freak these few days .
been eating it for the rest of the days except mon & tues .
cause mon is rice bowl day !
cause tues is no lunch day (IS CLASS)

byes ppl ! tml trng 😀


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