hey yos !

met up with my cats group .
discuss the proj & how we wanna present .
but i think we kinda screwed up la .
die ! like unsure of the things to do .
i was asking my classmate what is their names
okay ! i remember now .
choon seng , choon siu , eugene , clement , rachel , yingyang , gabriel , kenny .
finally i know their names .

ahahs , then next was S&W !
my favorite la . hahas .
& today i finally know who is alex after so long .
tall tall , like to suan ppl , trick ppl with the vbal .
stop saying sihui no hands , only got tentacles .
she has human hands okay ?
played like a mini game .
quite fun . my grp got murphy , so we two were like signaling to do dig , set spike .
fun! my class really got damn funny ppl .
we were doing this drill & have to do 5 sets .
then me , ferry , sihui like high1 , high-2 after the sets.
like siao la .
but damnn fun can ?

went to look for gina @lib .
hahas . feel asleep ! the chair so shiok ! feel like just stay at that position dont move 😀
but i have to go for violin practice .
senior helped me to tune but the string snapped .
then they help me change the strings & tune .
😀 thanks 😀
went home with gladys !
she damn funny la ! buay tahan !

mirah’s stinky & smelly now after being sunbathed in the sun !
so it’s time for bath 😀
yayyy! cooling water 😀
wahahahahasss .&she got business stats test tml !
i think i can just kill myself 😀
but im gonna try my best 😀

ps: i know there’s a lot of smiley face:D


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