what a good day to start with .

went gym with vyn , ric , gina , jy , jh , kia . saw my previous cliques , used to hang out a lot with them . & yongsen say i look like a lifeguard . then i was thinking , have you ever seen a life guard so unfit ? no right . felt quite shiok doing the weights . but i think im gonna try lose weight before shaping up 😀 that’s my goal for this year ? maybe i’ll just give up halfway .

went home after lunch w/ gina .
the guys went swimming .
acc gina to her hs then went back .
took pictures w/ a telephone booth . how retro can that be .
rest @ home & them them at admiralty again 😀

went kite-flying 😀
childhood memories hurh . & it was super fun can although our kites didn’t really fly .
so much cam-whoring .
then sat down on the grass , crapped tgt .
saw some weakness of the guys .
they are afraid of the sticks .
went for dinner but realised that vyn’s wallet lost .
he went back to look for it .
felt very bad to leave him there by his own
so we went back to help him look for his wallet .
we combed the whole area & finally found the wallet .
richard screamed when he found the wallet .
hahas .
so we happily went back , have dinner .

i had an enjoyable day with all of you .
hahas ,sometimes i think friendship are really miraculous .
in sec sch days , i never thought that we would be like in a grp tgt .

he said he will throw my kite away if i take picture !
but mine is still safe & sound !

im super woman ! uphold justice & shit 😀

run somemore !

act sehs

snaps !

ah-beng & ah-lian

eat his finger !

it’s always cool with her .

show off larhs !

the ladies !


vs the machos

i’ve run out of captions .

some siao ppl !

super unglam !

piggy backs !

ruting style !

not so style cause they took w/o me !

some kiddo trying to fix his kite


me & my “siao lian eh” 😀

looks nice cause it’s like purple pink 😀

just in case you dno , it’s ah-ford .

she’s sun & i’m shine = sunshine !

cat ! miao !

trying very hard to fly his kite ,

mine 😀

eee! fann , you smell his armpit for what ?



we super cool can /

nice nice 😀

is richard trying to flip his eyes ?

wahhhh! see the stars behind

run people !


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