hello people !
mimirahrah is feeling tired now but i think she had a lot of fun today& is happy
first , today is an IS day = wake up later 😀
our relief S&W teacher quite cute la , i mean her actions very funny .
had lotsa fun with my S&W class , kinda bonded tgt .
superfun ! today like the best session ever la .
lesson finish le we still don’t want to leave .
i realize ppl like sihui , ruilynn , murphy , vanessa , xueqi , ferry quite fun to be with .
hahas , i think another few more weeks , we can form market liao .
& YOPRADA joined my class today ! damn happy can >
hahas . finally i see prada ! miss him seh .

went for NPSTRINGS !
yays ! the people very nice there 😀
learnt how to play a few notes 😀
my neck super sour seh ! need to kiap the violin , not hold it .
the thumb can only support .

i dno want join inline skate anot .
like cool la 😀
ford , vyn keep saico me join .
i know my singlish is terrible , english ain’t that good either .

hmms what she doing ( by jack )
she hibernating ( by me! )

Ohh our preettyy boy

phoebeee ! i say act fierce can?
can anot

angels form heaven ! lols .

during this dinner , someone beside me hum & hump , spill my drink.
😀 jkjk .

sweaty smelly !

CATS ! we used some dumb excuse & said we are putting in our powerpoint slides

toilet girls !

chill people ! don’t kanchiong !
wait for 3 seconds before it captures .


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