im not really having any proper meals nowadays , been staying in class . ahahs , i’m just purely lazy to go down & eat . enjoy air-con in class , go viwawa .

class today was dismissed a lil earlier , the class stayed for a while . The guys were busy abt CS & we girls are like viwawa-ing & playing typeracer . They even called us Mahjong Aunties ! omg ! that’s so wrong la ! we are not aunties .

went lib to look to look for PEOPLES !
& joankia ! please don’t give me lame answers when ppl is like asking where you are .
he’s w/brother aun too !!
ahahs , i kinda miss him la .
saw alot of my friends .
& my illios too .
miss them big time & i haven’t been seeing them for like…
ahhas , not long ago but i still miss them .

then went to the post POC camp thingy .
watched the video πŸ˜€
ahahs , and played some really funny games .
but everyone was not punctual .
so gina took out her lappy & we began cam-whoring there .
so funny ! tried out alot of the effects .
jan gina fann left first for vb trng .
tml is their IVP selection !
hope they get selected πŸ˜€

& i took my java test today !
i dno how well i’ll do .
but im sure i don’t nd another fail to crash me down .
& ggood thing is , it’s th weekends again!
my rest & study time .
&time to get my violin too πŸ˜€
i need to really drill myself for it πŸ˜€
master it fast !!! jiayous .

i saw him today , many times . But i wasn’t feel easy . What came to my mind was how do i avoid him . It’s contradicting i know . I miss him but i don’t wanna him to see me . I just wish i could hide in some corner where i don’t have to pluck out my courage to say a “Hi” . Cause i don’t want to let him see the imperfect side of me . & it’s hard you know ,to get someone off your mind . Sounds easy but never it is .


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