Hello people !
went sch like early this morning to make up my S&W lesson .
took the shuttle bus & the air-con was shiok !
today’s lesson is okayokay lo .
hehes . & himbo/bimbo was in the same class as me !
so happy la . at least thare’s some people i know .
just nice that my make-up lesson was their lesson .

then went to Canteen 2 w/evan & had our ” Organic Meal”
He ate honeydew , bubur hitam & a mango smoothie which tastes more like banana .
I ate honeydew , ice jelly & papaya juice which made me run to the toilet during CATS .
honeydew is like our favorite man !
after all the Organic-ing , we were still hungry larhs .
so i shared 1 bowl of yong tau foo with evan .
but he ordered additional prata !
& it’s like so oily .
all the organic-ing gone alrd !
Mark came down .
waited for us to eat finish .
evan went lesson , we went watch movie @lib .
continued with exorcist & watch hallowen .
basically hallowen is a dumb show la ! no link at all .
it seems like when im with mark , a lot of ppl look at us .
like … *qns marks*

mark went look for his friend & i went for CATS !
CATS today quite slack larhs . in the end we kinda of sidetrack & talk among ourselves .
hahas , well it was meant for discussion.

then to S&W again!
2 times in a day .
not as tiring as vb.
but i’m still tired .
i nd to serve the ball to them using underhand & i think i completely look like idiot la .
omg ! retarded !
then i see the guy face, keep laughing & laughing .
did back-set which was like dizzy cause we need to turn arnd &arnd .
but i think my group did well .
w/ Lynette & murphy .
they also very funny la .
hahas , good 😀 i’ve got nice classmates .

went look for the rest & went home .
but jan they all stayed for vb trng .
i pon mine .
haven’t got my violin yet .
& cost like S$200 .
ex !

took bus & saw aizai , zixin , birdmother 😀
miss them like …!!!
then back to cwp , bk for dinner 😀

ICT Requirement for the Photo grp thingy is on lei .
dno wan go join anot .
i want help ppl take BUT I ALSO WANT TO BE IN THE PICTURE LEI !

& yestd i played this game with them .it’s the typing game .
tgt with gina & joakia , we were like seeing who can type fast .
i lost ! 😦
then played mahjong
i lost:(

unglam !

yoprada/himbo/magnum butt starstars/braces boy

she super tired !

pink & blue !

nowadays , i really like fall in love with barney & bigbird .
but i won’t forget my dear stich 🙂

You’re slowing fading off from my life , maybe . But it’s ok , i’ll still carry on with my life cause i’ve been surrounded my friends who love me 😀 No point making my life miserable . It makes no difference cause we’re nvr meant to be tgt 😀


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