a night of peaceful solemn .

i am STILL organizing my stuffs .
yes , from morning till night .
soon it will 24 hrs .
but i promise it will be messy again in no time .

i wanna get a lot of things now .
i want a new table , laptop cover , new bag , sneakers , my violin , new clothes , new shorts , new hair colour .

sort of “cleaning” up my computer . deleting some unwanted stuffs .
& i found this .

2006 Most Happening Event -TauHuay Tangyuan

i was ONCE this hardworking yo ! cause it’s DNT !

2006 Most Happening Event -Mad woman smelling a rubbish bin!

2007 Most Happening Event-Crazy women bang into the semi-translucent door

Mid of2008 -Most Happening event -Dumb faces !

years past , and im still as dumb as the past .
sighs, who doesn’t have a ugly past .

foodbuddy ! you’re super bad ! tricked me that tml is mama day !
GGRRSSS ~ you’re gonna get it from me .
to buddy: try to sleep .
i’m pretty worried for you .

i tried expressing how i feel , didn’t you get the hint ?


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