im back form primers camp .
the camp was a lil slack but overall i still enjoyed the camp .
got enough time to rest , bond with my friends .
and the bed is not bad .
still got pillow and blanket .
but very warm la .
my roommates were fann , gina , jiamei , ou-nai , and some other girls & gls .
made new friends and they were nt bad .
played a lot of games & cheers .
the last night was good !
we danced to the YMCA song.
super funny .
the grps put up a skit based on the commercial that we are assigned to .
our’s was the fedex , we live to deliver .
hahas . was funny la .
and ruting* was our lead
ahahas . i got his unglam video .

we did canoeing too .
my partner was ruvyn .
quite fun . sang like super loud on the canoe .
my knees very pain .

went lunch with pals .& caught forbidden kingdom .
it was ok lo . some parts were funny .
i slept through some parts of the movie.
cause the seats and air-con was nice.
then went back to cwp to get my specs .
nice la
i like ! orange !

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