had a little celebration for aslam & zhiying .
for the April Babies.
bought them a cake 😀
and a present for Aslam .
we asked him what he wanted and he said anything .
so by his command , we got him “Anything”
first time celebrate birthday for classmate .

had Business Statistics & Enterprise Information Systems just now .
i catch no balls la .
don’t understand a thingy at all .
and business stats is like Amaths !
it’s killing me .
& the EIS is like geog case studies .
sians .
i was stoning there when he wanted us to do .

after school wanted to meet with illios , but i had to take my cert cause my mentor needs it.
when i was walking halfway , i realise that im in slippers . that means i can’t go in school .
decided to go home cause wasn’t feeling very good . then went back , slept a lil , and went cwp to meet jiamei , gina , vyn . did our spectacles there .
i chose a orange plastic frame.! i love:D

tml is vb selection . i don’t know i’ll be selected or not .
which i think the percentage of me being not chosen in the team is high .
if i dont get in , maybe i’ll try np strings or ssc .

here’s some pics !

like so shy ! SCANDALOUS !

with his “anything” b-day present

sinyee’s creation ! cutting the cake isn’t her area of expertise .

superlun !

snuggle somemore !


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