my very first entry since school started .
class people were not bad .
these few days been revolving arnd class , friends , illios .
omg ! like so …
hahas .

i thought i was late for class today .
but never did i expect the teacher was even later then us .
like omg ! i still kan chiog-ly took the stair up .
& i was at first level . like fuck la .

went for the fun day 2008 .
like what sia .
then went to look for illios .
went to get some yogurt & lepak at library .
ans we always sidetrack abit here and there .
like what faiz says .
like when we are leavin , carrying our bags alrd , then take picture take picture .
slowly we put down our bag & take somemore .
& we always take the final step when someone starts moving .
which is quite true .
talked alot w/yeeju .
really quite alot la .
hahas . my yo daughter !

went pizzahut for dinner.
waited super long for my food la .
my set had a ice peach tea .
but i only drank 2 sips & left it there .
partly was because buddy was at my side looking at me la.
me & evan came up w/ smth stupid πŸ˜€
but super funny .

went back after that .
bus-ed with yeeju , zef & evan .
i think we crazy .
bused to yishun & took train back home .
like …
but because we wanted to spend more time tgt πŸ˜€
talk & talk & talk .

i really got to go now .
rest rest rest
if not i tml can forget abt talking le .
losing my voice super fast !


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