hi people !

omg ! i cant believe that school’s starting tml .
bye lepak-ers, WRSS
& hi to NP

study , friends , cca .
that should be enough for me šŸ˜€

went out w/ illios just now @ town .
met w. mark & ram .
went for lunch & walked to far-east .
both me & bud wan buy the funny looking specs la .
but cant find it lo .
then went 77th street tried on some of the sunglasses .
nice la . i feel like buying also .

went back to heeren to meet pris (bird mother ! )
then we were playing at this BK ad .
it’s like a button & smth like a voting thingy la .
then we press from 4k plus to 9 k plus .
crazy right .?!
after it reaches the 9999 digit (last) , we accidentally press and returns back to 1 again .
like what sia .
then we play with the button again .
from 0 press to 9999 again .
crazy la & ppl were like looking @us !

went e-max .
me & bud brought famous amos !
which is so heavenly .
rented movies & watch inside .
blades of glory & the wig .
talk with him all the way .

& mum’s been nagging me abt not staying at home .
goin home late is like rubbish to her .
aiyah , she doesn’t understands young ppl social lives .



bird mother !

omg! what’s buddy doing larhs ?

what’s burking , STARBUCKS IS HOT OKAYS !

comparison btn normal people & drug addict .
it’s so ugly .


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