hi people !

went for illios chalet the day before .
it was damn fun & crazy .
all went to sentosa for sports camp outing .
but the numbers were disappointing .
quite little .
finally saw my dragonboat partner , yeeju ! ! !
miss her larhs but she has to go back first .
had dinner at vivo & trained back to pasir ris .
on the way back , so many comedies happened la .
keep laughing & laughing .
non-stop .

so we walked back to the chalet .
half of them went to red house .
the rest went arcade
got back to chalet , watched movie & waited for the rest to come back .

played truth & dare .
the one who the bottle spins to have to drink a shot .
it was nice .
we clubbed inside the room .
the music was good .
all thanks to pinchy .
everyone was high , tired after the shots & all the dancing .
rest for a while and played truth or dare .
but this time .
there’s only dare or double dare .
everybody didn’t care much abt the dares.
just whack only !
it was super crazy .
cant imagine this happend .
illios bonded uniquely .

after that we were really drained ,
all slept soundly .
packed up and went arcade .
played shooting .
was very tired so went back with evan , chris , janice , cabrina , tecksheng , jack .
i was talking non-stop on the train .
laugh & laugh & laugh .
nice evan acc me till yew tee & tak bus home .
so nice .
& we were like bimbo-ing on the train .
the train was like stopping in the middle of nowhere .
& he made this super himbo comment .
what if the door suddenly opens & tell us that that th train has stopped service
and wants us to walk back the the station in the bad whether .
like omg !
he damn pathetic larhs . he dropped his phone @ sentosa ,sand got in.
dropped his phone again & it went black screen .
i wonder how is he surviving .

okay enough of chalet .
back to today .
finally went work today .
tom & jerry same shift with me .
actually first time working with them .
quite funny larhs
& they are my seniors in NP .

and i saw this random guy there .
i realised he’s like cute larhs 😀
omg ! so bimbo .

janice 😀

evan me janice lovelies

my food buddy !


JANICE & ME like taking photos kay .?

aqilah & me !

scandalous Isabel

jack !


illios , SQUEEZE !


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